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Concert 5

9 April, 2021, Digital Edition

Sinuous Voices

7.30pm  Pre-concert talk with Urška Pompe (moderator: Gregor Pompe)
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Meeting ID: 966 3539 2656


Thierry De Mey
Silence Must Be! [2002]
Simon Steen Andersen
Amid [2004]
Marko Nikodijević

musicbox/selbstportrait mit ligeti
und strawinsky (und messiaen ist auch dabei) [2001/2003/rev. 2006]
Urška Pompe

fingers of rain [2013/rev. 2016]
Ondřej Adámek
Sinuous Voices [2004/2009/rev. 2017]

Jan Čibej, Neofonía, Leonhard Garms (conductor)

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been obliged to make some changes to the originally listed program.