The UHO Society was founded at the end of 2019. The idea of a new society emerged when it was announced that the long-standing Slowind Festival was to cease, thus giving rise to an urgent need to continue the tradition of performing the most contemporary music in Slovenia. Since contemporary music, like early music, seems more demanding in terms of reception, there is a need to organise its presentation as carefully and comprehensively as possible. At the same time, the notion of the contemporary at the moment opens up a broad range of musical diversity. The UHO Society seeks to present the most contemporary composed music, to fill the reception gaps in the presentation of music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and to build bridges with all of the creative potential in a widely diversified musical map.

On a voluntary basis, the UHO Music Society brings together musicians, musicologists, music educators and music lovers who want to contribute to the development, presentation and better understanding of classical music, with an emphasis on contemporary music. The purpose of the association is to connect music creators and performers as well as legal entities operating in the field of music, to provide a public platform for obtaining non-profit funding for the organisation of music events, and to ensure a diverse creative and performance offer in the field of contemporary music. The society has therefore established the goals of encouraging the creation of new musical works; opening up a plural range of various creative approaches to contemporary music; connecting musicians in permanent instrumental, vocal and vocal-instrumental ensembles; increasing discursiveness with regard to contemporary music; and encouraging the flow of information between foreign and domestic musical creativity.

The society seeks to achieve these goals by organising concerts and festivals of music of various periods and genres, with a particular emphasis on contemporary musical creativity; by cooperating with organisations and institutions that deal with music in any way; by informing the Slovenian public about problems and progress in the field of contemporary music; by maintaining contacts with related organisations abroad; by issuing publications in the field of art, music and musicology; by translating professional literature and other texts; by organising professional conferences and presentations related to music; by publishing musical works in various media; by organising and preparing musical and related events; by cooperation with top performers (domestic and foreign) in projects in the field of music; by commissioning new works by Slovenian and foreign composers; by professional evaluations of music projects (concerts, magazines, festivals, seminars, etc.); by addressing current issues related to Slovenian music; by connecting with related societies and institutions in Slovenia and around the world; by preparing publications and articles in areas related to the activities of the society; and by passing information on Slovenian musical activity to interested organisations from abroad.